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    ♠ Ground floor:

    • There is a key safe to the left of the front door
      Use the code you received
    • The key safe contains the keys of the two (front) doors
    • On the table under the mirror is an extra bunch of keys with the key for the meter cupboard outside
    • Meter recording. For instructions click here
    • You will find the light switches to the right of the front door upon entering
    • Above you will also find the fuse box in case a fuse should blow
    • The ceiling fan can be operated both with the remote control (which you will find on the kitchen counter) and with the light switches.
    • Under the stairs is a cupboard with, among other things, the pellets for the pellet stove.
    • Behind the kitchen is the pantry. There is a boiler for hot water in the kitchen in the wall cupboard
    • Behind the pantry is the first bathroom which can be used as a toilet

    ♠ First floor:

    • Left below and at the top of the stairs you will find light switches for the light in the stairwell.
    • At the top of the stairs is the first bedroom with a double bed
    • The light switch is to the right of the door
    • The remote control for the ceiling fan is located in the wall alcove, to the right of the bed
    • Behind the door is an electric wall radiator
    • On the small patio terrace you will find a wall drying rack to dry towels
    • In the bathroom you will find a hair dryer in a basket under the sink
    • There are extra cushions on the landing in a wall unit behind the right-hand doors.
      The left doors are intended for housekeeping
    • The second bedroom is at the front, with two single beds
    • The light switch is on the right side of the wall next to the entrance
    • The ceiling fan remote control is on one of the bedside tables
    • There is an electric wall radiator on the right wall

    ♠ Second floor:

    • At the bottom left and at the top of the stairs you will find light switches for the light in the stairwell.
    • At the top of the stairs you will find light switches for the lighting in the living room and the outdoor lighting of the terrace
    • On the terrace you will find the washing machine under a cover. Detergent and fabric softener are next to the washing machine.
    • Under the sloping roof is a plastic box with bags of pellet pellets. Please close the lid of the box properly so that no moisture gets to the bags!
    • The ceiling fan is not switched by means of a light switch but works based on the remote control. This, together with the remote control for the TV, lies in a wicker basket on the brick trestle
    • On the terrace at the front you will find a lounge sofa and lounge chairs
    • The switch for the outdoor lighting of this terrace is located in the living room, to the right of the terrace door behind the curtain.