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    huisjes transpInfo & house rules

    Welcome to Casa Oliveira!

    Your vacation has started. Below are some practical matters as well as agreements that will make your stay easier, and so that the guests after you can also enjoy a very nice Casa Oliveira.

    Owners name and contact details:
    Mark & Paulo Oliveira
    M: +31618422872
    Mark is your contact during your stay

    Emergency number:
    Protection Alicante
    T: 112

    Civil Guard:
    Guardia Civil
    Carrer Cervantes 56
    03570 Villajoyosa
    T: +34 966 85 10 44

    Hopital Benidorm:
    Hospital Clinica Benidorm (Private clinic)
    Avinguda Alfonso Puchades 8
    03501 Benidorm, Alicante
    T: +34 965 85 38 50
    Hopital Villajoyosa:
    Avinguda Alcalde en Jaume Botella Mayor 7
    03570 Villajoyosa
    T: +34 966 85 98 00

    Pharmacy Orxeta:
    Ctr. Villajoyosa Alcoy 2
    03579 Orxeta
    T: +34 966 85 51 10

    General practitioner:
    Dr. Hilde Buys
    Avenida del Mediterráneo 58
    03503 Benidorm

    T: +34 620 23 46 34

    Outdoor swimming pool Orxeta:
    (8 minutes walk from Casa Oliveira)
    Piscina Municipal de Orxeta
    Barri La Foya La Senyora S-1,3 (route in the menu Casa App)
    03579 Orxeta

    Forn de Pa
    Carrer de L’Assagador 40
    03579 Orxeta

    Cash withdrawal ATM:
    ATM Sabadell
    Carrer Major 2-14
    03579 Orxeta

    Water source/ drinking water:
    Fuente de Agua "Els Banyets de Orxeta"
    Carrer Major 59
    03579 Orxeta

    WiFi Codes:
    The house has 2 WiFi points, 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the living room, so the whole house has optimal coverage.

    • WiFi for ground floor:
      TP-Link_9632 | 19557038
    • WiFi for Floor 1 & 2:
      Relleu_Telecom_78 E4 | 06194932

    House rules:

    ♠ Close windows and doors

    Although the weather is usually nice on the Costa Blanca, it sometimes rains here too. To prevent water damage, we ask our guests to close all doors and windows when leaving the house and to lock the front door. If you stay on one of the roof terraces, please also close the front door to keep out uninvited guests (including stray cats).

    ♠ Patio cushions:

    Place the patio cushions (even in good weather, the weather can always change) inside when you leave the house.

    ♠ Candles:

    During your stay, we think it is important that you enjoy a cozy atmosphere. This often inextricably includes candles and tea lights. For safety reasons, we would like to ask you to only use tea lights.

    ♠ Waste:

    At the end of the street there are several colored roll containers for cardboard (blue), plastic (yellow) and residual waste (green). Glass can be disposed of with residual waste in Spain. Garbage bags are in the sink cabinet.

    ♠ Pets and smoking:

    Both are not allowed.

    ♠ Lost Keys:

    In the unlikely event that you lose the keys, we are unfortunately forced to charge you €50 for this, which will be deducted from the deposit paid. In case of loss, please contact our hosts: Peter and Marc, telephone number: + 34 649 585 222

    ♠ Electricity:

    As in the Netherlands, energy costs in Spain have risen considerably. Under the guise of “the consumer pays” we ask our guests to take a photo of the meter readings after arrival and app it to us. You do the same on the day of departure. The number of Kwh used will then be charged / deducted from the deposit paid at € 0,35. Very fair.

    You will find instructions for this in the Casa App
    at: Online manuals

    ♠ Parking:

    You can park in the street between 12:00 pm and 8:00 am. There is also a large parking lot next to café "El Pal" when you enter the village. Unloading groceries is always allowed, then you will come out next to the large parking lot via the Carrer Major. (follow green arrows on the map)


    Via the C. Parra you can walk back to the house.

    NB: In the weekend when Bar Gregori has the terrace open, we advise you to drive to the house via this road.