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    ♠ Record meter readings:

    The electricity meter is located on the outside of the house above the mailbox, next to the front door.
    In Spain there are 3 rates.


    How does it work:

    1. Open the door of the electricity meter
    2. You see 4 rotating positions - see photo
    3. Take photo 1 of meter 1.18.1
    4. Take photo 2 of meter 1.18.2
    5. Take photo 3 of meter 1.18.3
    6. Then take the last photo 4 of the date
    7. Close the door
    8. App these photos on the arrival and departure day to: +31 6 1842 28 72 (Mark Oliveira)

    ♠ Television:

    Via television you can watch the Dutch NL Ziet, Netflix and YouTube via so-called television apps. To operate the TV, use the narrow white remote control.

    Please note: you do not need to use the black Samsung remote control.



    chrome afstandbediening

    • Press the top white power button (A) to turn on the TV. The menu appears on the screen.
    • Then click on the “Home” icon (D) of the remote control.
    • With the cursor (B) scroll down in the menu. You arrive at 'Your apps'. Move the cursor to the right to select the app of your choice.
    • You confirm your choice with the on button (A).
    • Netflix and YouTube can be selected directly with the buttons of the same name on the remote control.
    • You can control the volume on the right side of the remote control.
    • If you want to go back in the menu, press the arrow button (C)
    • To switch off the TV, press the button at the bottom left (E) the remote control.
    • If Chromecast has been logged out, you can log in again with our Google account:
      • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      • Orxeta@89

    Note: the source for said TV apps should always be HDMI2. The apps are set up for this. If you accidentally used the Samsung remote control. Then you can restore the source to HDMI2 by pressing the source button (F) to push.

    ♠ Hob:

    The hob is an induction plate. You can turn it on by tapping the rightmost button (on/off button) in the bottom row. 4 dashes will then appear on the display: - If no dashes appear but the letters: LO, this means that the hob is locked. You can unlock by touching the lock for a few seconds, after which the dashes will still appear. Then select the desired cooking zone. You can raise or lower the temperature by using the + and – button. You can switch it off by tapping the on/off button again.

    ♠ Furnace:

    Using the oven is self-explanatory. We would kindly ask you to clean the inside of the oven after every use, so that food remains do not stick/burn on. This way, the guests after you are also assured of a clean and hygienic oven.

    ♠ Washing machine:

    The washing machine is on the terrace at the rear of the living room on the top floor.
    There you will also find a laundry rack. For example, to dry your daily towel, you can use the wall-mounted drying rack on the terrace behind the left bedroom on the 1st floor.e floor. Detergent and fabric softener are near the washing machine.

    ♠ Pellet stoves: